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Looking to support local pet business? Consider a referral from trusted pet business. We specialize in connecting you and your pet with local pet sitters, dog walkers, trainers, groomers, vets, pet specialty health providers, pet supplies, pet products, boarding facilities, customized pet art, specific pet items.

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"My name is David, I have always wanted to find a dog groomer that could work with my dog Teddy. Teddy has been scared of groomers ever sence I adopted her. I was not sure if I was going to ever get the right groomer to work with Teddy. Then I found Smitty's Mobile Grooming & More! They come to your house and make it less stressful for your pet. With Smitty's it was the first time I saw Teddy let people clip her nails with ease! - David, Tucson AZ

"Pogo is my little tea cup yorkie! She IS my everything. I wanted to spoil her rotten for her 3rd Birthday with treats, ALL THE TREATS! I wanted to find a local pet store that was in my area that I could support. The down side is I just moved to Chicago with Pogo from Atlanta. I ran across Trusted Pet Business who helped me find Bucket Dogz Homemade Dog Treats who speicalize in no corn and no wheat based treats!" - Beckie, Chicago, IL